Why We Do What We Do

The Facts

Globally, an unhappy and depressed workforce

- 85% of employees are not engaged at the workplace,
- 81% are considering leaving their job,
- 38% are disengaged and 21% actively disengaged.

source: Gallup

This means that most of us spend our lives being stressed and unhappy.
Our ambition is to change that and reverse the statistics.

What if?

What if the workplace could instead be fulfilling?

What if we could transform the employee experience and make it empowering?

It's how the idea of Causedirect came up.​

We believe that employee disengagement at work is not inevitable.
We also believe that in order to thrive both at work and in our everyday life, we need to reconnect with each other, co-create and collaborate on projects that matter and have meaning.

What We Built

The environment we need to thrive at home or at work.
One where we can:​


with others and build their own community of like-minded people


through volunteering and impactful community actions


amazing projects that can change people's life


others and create a dynamic of mutual aid and empathy

Why Doing Good Is Important?


It Creates a sense of purpose

It increases pleasure and happiness

It boosts your self esteem

It decreases the risk of depression

It reduces stress and anxiety levels

It helps you stay physically and mentally active

source: IFRC

You are now one click away from building a new corporate culture.

One that is meaningful and which will radically transform your workplace...

We Make People thrive at work.


Causedirect strives to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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