Unemployment: Why Intrapreneurship Could be a Solution

The pandemic is not yet over and already the damage to employment is considerable. Layoffs are now commonplace, and most employees are worried about joining the growing list of job seekers. If some will be able to adapt, it seems that a large part of them will not. Should we live with this crisis as a fatality? What if there were solutions to remedy it and that these solutions have been in front of us for a long time, before our eyes? And what about intrapreneurship?

Couldn’t intrapreneurship address, at least in part, the unemployment problem and help companies remain competitive while avoiding mass layoffs?

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And isn’t it said that to create jobs, one solution would be to start by creating entrepreneurs?

The particularity of intrapreneurship is that it allows people to carry out an innovative project from start to finish while maintaining their status as employees.

Intrapreneurship encourages engagement at work by giving those who wish to do so the possibility of carrying out projects that they could develop elsewhere or to regain motivation that has been damaged by a reorganization of work that is often perceived as brutal.

It also encourages innovation

Management knows in advance that the person who embarks on intrapreneurship will shake up the rules and design a project that will serve the company’s vision.

It contributes to the company’s growth

By unleashing creativity and innovation, intrapreneurship offers new growth opportunities to the company by seeking new ideas from employees willing to get involved in the company’s sustainable strategy.

It attracts and retains talent

By allowing them to develop and grow through multiple experiences.

It encourages collaboration and teamwork

Today more than ever, employees feel the need to give meaning to their work. They want to be able to give their opinion and share their ideas. Intrapreneurship can be an excellent tool.

It gives employees a different idea of their company

They see the company as a place to live rather than just a place to work, a space where they can continuously learn and develop their skills.

Companies that turn to this approach are using the strengths of in-house startups to break out of the innovation crisis they find themselves in and strengthen their competitiveness in the markets. However, this can only be done with the involvement of the management. Its involvement is, in fact, one of the key conditions for success. It is imperative for the employee-entrepreneur to be supported in case of failure in order to be able to bounce back. He/she should even be encouraged to take all the risks, which implies giving him/her the right to fail as well. Success will be all the more rewarding.

No wonder why intrapreneurship is experiencing a revival today. Another reason for that is that it responds to a new trend of professional and personal aspirations on the part of employees and managers who see it as a new form of leadership and organization, in which everyone can contribute, regardless of their position in the company.

Finally, we all know that, from an economic point of view, the return to employment will be increasingly difficult for those who are laid off. So why not help them create their own jobs by promoting intrapreneurship? Wouldn’t this be an opportunity for them to change their lives by trying their luck or joining a start-up?

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