Strategy & Service Design

Our goal is to create a seamless and efficient service experience for your donors and your stakeholders, while also meeting your needs and optimizing your support.

Impact Strategy

We help you define the most appropriate and scalable strategy to maximize your impact and chances of success.


We make sure that your donor experience is as effective as possible in order to ensure sustainable financial support.


We use the latest technology to help you optimize your fundraising and ensure greater financial stability.

We help you measure and communicate on your impact.

By guiding you on developing a theory of change, selecting appropriate metrics and indicators, and conducting impact evaluations to drive decision-making and continuous improvement.

What it Implies:

  • Audit
  • Impact strategy
  • Theory of  change
  • SWOT
  • Impact measurement
  • Storytelling
  • Webdesign & UX
  • Visual identity

We have partnered with among the top experts in social change to optimize your impact. And to make giving… Effective and Sustainable.
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