Our Values


We embrace our social responsibility.

We champion the belief that, as global citizens, each of us has a duty to contribute to the wellbeing of society.

We hold ourselves to account.

Good intentions do not always translate into positive   impact. In fact, they sometimes lead to harm. We hold ourselves accountable for the impact our actions have on the world

We act with purpose.

When we act with belief and intent, we act with purpose. We believe directing that purpose in the service of the greater good brings meaning to our lives and value to others.

We believe in the power of collective

We all have the potential to make a difference but when we come together, we have the power to make lasting change.

We unite business goals with social good.

Doing good is good for business. We believe that integrating social values with business goals is the recipe for success.

We strive to create a more sustainable world.

The challenges of social and environmental sustainability are some of the most urgent issues of our time. Achieving positive impact in sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do.

"To live is to put oneself at the service of others"


Our Principles


We see ourselves as a network, preferring to work together than alone. We share vulnerabilities and strengths. First the people, then the projects.


We value learning and constant enhancement. This means testing and then evaluating the results, reflecting, and improving each try incrementally. We prototype our ideas and learn by making mistakes. We plan less and do more.


We built Causedirect to make an impact. This impact is under constant qualitative and quantive evaluation. We listen to the true needs instead of imposing what we believe them to be.


Our mission is long term and that is why we focus on possibilities that consider exchange reciprocity. We understand the means as being more important than the ends. We are building a new conscience, and this demands time.


We create new solutions to complex challenges. We are close to the vanguards of knowledge to apply what is most current and feel the emerging future more than we adapt to old operating standards.


We like to co-create with people with different worldviews. We value cultural, social and ideological plurality.


We value transparency and honesty and ensure the authenticity of the causes we promote.

We Make People thrive at work.

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