Case Study

Community Action For Sustainable Development


CASD-SL is a Sierra Leone-based organization fighting violence against women, operating in a difficult post-civil war context and in a country plagued by poverty, malnutrition, and malaria.

What it Implies:

  • A beautifully designed website
  • A Logo
  • Setup
  • Donation Gateway (Stripe)
  • Peer to Peer Fundraising
  • Premium Hosting
  • Responsive on Mobiles and Tablets
  • Multilingual

The Challenge

Assist CASD-SL to define the right strategy and the right webdesign to maximize its visibility and fundraising.
The Result:

A completely revamped fundraising structure and strategy, including:

  • A new board of directors
  • A new narrative
  • A theory of change
  • New impact metrics
  • An international awareness
  • An improved reporting showing measurable impact
  • A better SDG focus
  • Gamification through the use of new technologies such as blockchain
  • A diversification of funding sources including e-commerce

A fully customized and responsive website including:

  • An integrated payment gateway including donations in crypto-currencies
  • A functionality allowing donors to create their own fundraising campaigns
  • A new visual identity
  • A new content
  • A new tone
  • An improved SEO
Spreading optimism on a challenging issue

Fighting violence against women is not an easy task. We opted for a more optimistic, hopeful image rather than exposing the issue itself. Hence the brightly colored CTA buttons and a more positive presentation highlighting the results of the organization’s activity in order to attract more support.
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