About Us

Our Vision

Who We Are:

Causedirect is a Swiss for purpose company whose mandate is to facilitate and promote social entrepreneurship and the development of sustainable projects around the world. Our vision is to enable everyone to act for the common good so that we can collectively change the world we live in.


We help NGOs and social entrepreneurs get the  support they need to build their project and make an impact.


By using the power of technology and gamification to make fundraising more efficient and fun.


We believe that charitable fundraising needs to be reinvented and that we can help you find the funds you need to create lasting change.

Our Ambition

We aim at shaping a better future, inspired by people and powered by technology.

Our Mission:

Bring meaning to individuals, purpose to organizations, and contribute to a sustainable world.

Key People


Strategy & Partnerships




System Architecture


Fundraising Innovation

Why Choose Us?

Causedirect is a fundraising consultancy founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

We share our experience with you to give you the means to build your project on a large scale and maximize its impact.

For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs

We are professionals with extensive expertise in fundraising, social impact, and new technologies.

Impact Centric

If we see that your project can have a real impact on society, we strive to help you achieve your fundraising goals and deploy it on a large scale.

Support and financing

Our intervention does not stop at setting up a fundraising strategy. We strive to make sure that you can carry out your project and make it sustainable.