Changing The Employee Experience

We believe that purpose can be an important contributor to employee experience, and can lead to higher levels of employee engagement and well-being.

We also believe that a way to develop such culture is to empower them to do good.

Causedirect empowers your employees to do community work,
learn how to make an impact,
or even launch a challenge,

all, through a platform showing all their actions for everyone to see.

A platform where they can:


by joining an association to collect food from supermarkets and giving it to people in need….


through a challenge they could organize where people would comptete ro raise as much money as possible for a cause.


money or in kind to an association close to their heart and promote it among their friends and coworkers.


what they do as a volunteer through videos that they can share on social networks to inspire others.

Whom We Speak To


We help them create  a meaningful and thriving employee experience and develop a culture of purpose.

Through a platform empowering their people to act and show what they do for the community.


We help them get the support you need to carry out their mission. In a new way.

Not only by allowing their supporters to raise money for you, or volunteer, but also by creating a buzz around their work and amplify your audience


We want you to be able do good in an easy way and in a few clicks.

This platform allows you to build your own community of changemakers and make your action known.