Give Work A Meaning


Disengagement and absenteism are not a fatality.

And YES,

there is a way to make people happier and more engaged at work….

We believe that empowering people to contribute to the common good is a solution.

We have created the environment we need for that. And you can make it your own, in a few clicks.

An Environment Allowing:

The Reconnection

between collaborators through a fundraising challenge for a good cause.

The Collaboration

through volunteering.

The Co-Creation

of projects with social impact.

The Development

of a culture of purpose and empathy.

Causedirect is not your usual community platform.

Not only this platform allows you to donate, fundraise and volunteer internally, but also amplifies the reach of your action and those of yourco-workers by making it public through its sister platform,

For Whom

CEOs and Human Relations

Who are convinced of the importance of developing a culture of meaning and empathy in the entreprise.

NGOs and States

Who are looking for visibility for their social programs to get the support they need to carry out their mission.

You are now one click away from building a new corporate culture!

One that is meaningful and which will radically transform your workplace...

We Make People thrive at work.


Causedirect strives to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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