Tired of chasing donations?

Nonprofits: How To Turn Donors Into Raving Fans In Just A Few Weeks

And break free from starvation once and for all.

Managing a nonprofit is hard.
We help you make it a lot easier, less stressful, and more fun

Make your nonprofit more visible and financially sustainable.

Updated: 6th of May 2023

The model nonprofits are based on has remained virtually unchanged for the past ....4,000 years. Yes, you read that right.
So much so that most people can't imagine it being any different.

We believe it can be.
We think there is a better way than chasing donors.
A way that is infinitely more viable and sustainable.

But society, the right-thinking people, would rather tell you otherwise.
They will tell you that a non-profit organization cannot and should not operate differently.
That it has always been that way.

It's all nonsense.


Because there can be no viable activity without sustainable, regular funding.

And because donations are neither sustainable nor regular.

Read that again.

Things have to change.

And that's where we can help you.

We've been there too. For over twenty years, in fact.
So we know the drill.

" Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime. "
Attributed to Confucius
551-479 BC

Updated: 28th of May 2023

Dear changemaker,
We understand.
Managing a nonprofit is hard. Terribly hard.

Donations are scarce.
Competition is fierce,
And raising money, you hate that.
It's not your thing.

Nor your mission.

The result is that you don't know where to turn or who to trust.
"Should I create a blog?"
"Should I do an event? A telethon?"
"I heard about this fundraising software. Should I buy it?"

Look, let's not beat around the bush anymore.
Are you stressed about raising money?
Want to focus more on your mission?
Want to sleep better?
We can help you.

But for that to happen, we need to talk.
You see, we've been there too. For over twenty years, in fact.
So we know the drill.
To know more, click on this button

As you click, we'll tell you everything.
Do you want to become financially sustainable?
And stop begging for more money?
We'll show you how.

Want to grow big?
Scale your impact?
We'll show you that too.
But you'll have to work.

'Cause there is no free lunch.
For that, you will need to change.
Starting with your mindset.
And the way you operate.
Will you be ready for that?
Don't worry; we’ll be right there with you.

All we want is for you to do your job.
e.g., to focus on your mission.
Not spend your time and energy (and money) chasing donors.

To find out more,
Well, you know now.

Just click here.

The first consulting firm dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations become financially sustainable.

What Do You Get From Us?

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about us but are afraid to ask

Who are you talking to?

  • Nonprofits, who seek financial stability and visibility,
  • Social entrepreneurs, who wish to scale up their business,
  • Familiy and corporate foundations, who want to ensure the quality of their grantees and unleash their impact potential.

What problem are you trying to solve?

Increasingly expensive and often ineffective fundraising for charities, and increasing difficulty in gaining visibility.

How do you do it?

By showing them how to manage their business more efficiently and in an innovative way.

Why do you do it?

We believe that  there can be no viable activity without sustainable and regular funding.

Our objective is to help NGOs break free from fundraising and become financially sustainable.

What is your vision?

Empower everyone to act for the common good so that we can, collectively, change the world we live in.​​

What is your mission?

To help non-profits and social entrepreneurs build their organizations on a solid and sustainable foundation to better focus on their mission.

What Is Your Goal?

Our goal is that at the end, you will be able to quickly and drastically reduce your fundraising expenses and devote them to carry out your mission.

Can you guarantee results?

We believe in the power of your personal investment and the magic of your passion. We just give you the practical steps to boost your financial autonomy. However, it’s important to remember that we can’t work miracles or pull rabbits out of hats (even though that would be pretty cool).
Your results will depend on your dedication and ability to apply the proven steps we share. We’re here to guide you, but we can’t change your mindset, come up with a brilliant business idea, or run your organization for you. That superhero cape is all yours to wear!

As much as we wish we could wave a wand and guarantee results, the reality is that success comes from your hard work and ingenuity.

If I am a foundation, how can this consulting help me?

Oh yes! And In a big way.
Offering this consulting to your grantees can help them greatly improve their management, better allocate their resources, and become more financially sustainable.
Not to mention that it will reassure your trustees and stakeholders that their money is being used to improve the quality of their beneficiaries and their impact.
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